Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Imagination is the last legal means of gaining an unfair advantage over the competition." Fallon & Senn

Just finished the Pat Fallon & Fred Senn book "Juicing the Orange" and highly recommend it.

In the final chapter of their book they write about the future of creative leverage...

"1. Creativity will be an increasingly essential business tool. Think about the challenges of your own organization this way: other than creativity, what points of leverage do you have? More than likely, your resources will become more constrained, and your markets will be more hotly contested. If you can't put creativity to good use, you'll be vulnerable - to competitors from anywhere in the world. We opened this book by saying imagination was the last remaining legal means to get an edge on the competition. Increasingly, it's the only means.

2. You can't buy creativity, but you can unlock it. Everyone draws from the same talent pool, and only the George Steinbrenners of the world have any recruiting advantage. Salary, benefits, and geographical amenities won't necessarily determine the creative power of your company. 'It is easier to enhance creativity by changing conditions in the environment,' writes psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, 'than by trying to make people think more creatively.' Rather than hire more creative people, first unleash the creativity in the people you have on the payroll.

3. Creativity is not an easy path to walk but the rewards are worth it."

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