Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"Talent terminated before the release of their last book will invariably post great numbers. This achievement will be most pronounced when their replacement has not yet been signed or announced." Martin's Hypothesis #12

Submitted for your approval, the Chicago talent Mancow. Last week it was announced that he had done his last show, the end of eight years at WKQX. This week the ratings are released and the now homeless in Chicago morning star puts up a #2, 25-54 men. His national network show continues. And so it goes.

Tale of two talents. Mancow turned in an excellent final performance but what about the other Emmis Chicago star - Johnny B? As it happens Johnny B's spring numbers were down about equal to the morning numbers WLUP had before he arrived. Ouch.

In the city CC delivers another great sweep with Jim Ryan again leading the way. WBLS had a killer book, their morning show jumping into the top five. O&A get it done for Free FM. In LA KFI is #1 12+ (Robin Bertolucci is a rock star), KCBS is the first JACK, so far to post a big win in this round of sweeps. In Chicago, Drew Horowitz turns in another exceptional performance with his Bonneville cluster, Michael Damsky has a great book at WXRT, Kipper McGee programmed WLS is the #1 AM station (where it counts 25-54) and Earl Jones enjoys major wins with WVAZ and WGCI (Earl's WKSC also takes the CHR 18-34 crown). Brian Kelly continues to hold a clinic on how to successfully program CHR, his WXSS in Milwaukee turns in another 7 share. Congrats and cheers to all.

Minding the store. CBS Radio makes a wise choice in St Louis - Mark Edwards is promoted to FM programming chief in that market. Kudos to CBS, congrats to Mark.

Laurie Cantillo joins John Gehron and named program director at Harpo Radio. John has always had a good ear for leaders. Congrats to Laurie, bravos to John.