Thursday, July 20, 2006

"People don't buy what they need. They buy what they want." Seth Godin

The spring radio numbers are the single most important measure used to determine demand on inventory for the rest of the year. The summer numbers have never been important. So goes your spring book so go your sales until the fall numbers are released.

The Doc of Rock, Doug Podell, delivers a 5.0 in Detroit. More solid evidence that Podell's WRIF is more than a rock station, it has become a Michigan institution.

Jerry Lee again proves that an indie operator can win against all odds. Jerry's WBEB is #1 in Philly with a 7.1

Jeff Warshaw puts on a brand new FM in Bloomington, IL and turns in a #2, 25-54 in his second book.

And finally to Chicago where Steve Dahl continues to post very competitive numbers. Steve remains the only listenable program on WCKG. My guess is there are more people listening to police scanners and weather radio in Chicago than are listening to WCKG in the total combined hours when Steve is not on the air. Wait a minute, perhaps some sales manager will discover a way to sell ads on baby monitors, another listenership base potentially larger than WCKG minus Steve. Quarter-hour 25-54 persons Steve delivers 30,800 in the spring book, this compares to Rover's 8,100 and the Stan & Terry posting of 9,900. That Steve continues to rank in the top ten 25-54, book after book, is a tribute to not only how very good his show continues to be, moreover, it clearly demonstrates the obvious loyalties of his considerable following. People are tuning into the radio station for one and only one reason - Steve.

Doug, Jerry. Jeff and Steve. Each making something original happen on the radio, each rewarded by the audience. Congrats to all. All that's important is what comes out of the speakers, everything else is a footnote. It was ever thus.

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A couple of emails come in each week about the Latin in the header. Tonight we are featuring Cato Senior "Rem tene, verba sequentur" or Keep (stay on) the subject, the words will follow. And for those fellow JCL folks you know that phrase includes a deponent verb, the imperative mood, the future tense of the third conjugation, the fifth-declension. It's late I might be off on this one but you'll correct me should this be wrong. Ok, I love classical language, busted. Please do share any favorite Latin (or Greek) phrases.


Anonymous said...

Dahl doesn't draw any audience when it comes to remotes. You can hear the crickets chirping in the background as he wows the 6 overweight "fans" with his new eating accomplishments. The whole show is based on his eating habits. Boring. If he is listed in top 10 25-54 big deal. He has name recognition since he's been here for 30 odd years. He has no competition on the FM dial in afternoon drive. For being here that long he should be in top 10 overall which he never is. CBS got him for very cheap price and still not happy about his low streaming audience.