Tuesday, January 08, 2008

"In every game of chance there's a chump, should that person not be obvious to you then you're the chump." Johnny Martin

"...I don't work. I just dream. My best office is my bed." Philippe Starck

"A truly poetic canvas is an awakened dream." Rene Magritte

Today's image: Still Life Series: Quintet by rbaez. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

Friday's unemployment stats are not encouraging (up to 5%). The online-betting market at intrade.com has the contract on a US recession this year north of 55%. The first consumer-led recession since 1991 would not be good for measured media. On the day job our projection is a good year for TV (political cycle/Olympics year), flat for radio. Big media and cable remain out of favor with Wall Street. Retail and other consumer-discretionary stocks are priced for an economic meltdown.

Andrew Olmsted wore the uniform, fought in Iraq, blogged under the name G'Kar. He was killed on January 3. He trusted a friend, leaving a final post to be published in the event of his death. That post is here.

Bonus: Steve Rubel, the prince of PR, makes the case for an end to the "Lazysphere" and more thoughtful, serious and original blogging. Kudos, Steve. The Lazysphere and the Decline of Deep Blogging.

From The Wall Street Journal...