Monday, January 28, 2008

"As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live." Goethe

"Great poetry is always written by somebody straining to go beyond what he can do." Stephen Spender

"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for." Maureen Dowd

Image: to go back home by a bout de souffle. Wonderful! Thank you.

It's time for broadcast to celebrate the everyday.

Time to dedicate a share of promotional inventory to making listeners and viewers feel good.

Time to leverage the unique abilities of broadcast to be obvious, topical and local.

Last year WNBC returned their "We're 4 New York" campaign. In an interview about bringing back the image campaign David Hyman, WNBC's VP of programming and creative services said...

"I have talked to people, across all ages and stripes, when I mentioned 4 New York people just had this sort of wonderful glowing response to it. While we certainly don't make our decisions based on that, anecdotally it was interesting to find that out. It has changed a lot since its infancy in '92. This new campaign is more sophisticated than the original one. At the end of the day it is something that has a tremendous positive upbeat message, it doesn't make any overt claims really and it is something that makes you feel good."

The original '92 score included the lyric "If you imagine then you will see. All of the wonderful things that you can be."

There is a spirit, a pride, a joy, a magic, genuine deep emotions about every community.

Something very, very special about hometown.

Time to celebrate your metro.

All that is required is engaging the imagination of your team.

Crafting an emotional message that induces resonance with your listeners, your viewers.

Local, local, local.

Local images. Local sounds. Local voices.

Localize your property.

C O N N E C T!

R E L A T E!

It's all about the fundamentals that Bob Klein taught us in the last century. It works 100% of the time. Which reminds me of another gifted mind. Allow me to quote the brilliant Chuck Blore...

"There is nothing, nothing that can compete with a radio commercial for irresistible emotional communication but you gotta remember that it's the audience's imagination that completes the picture"

Read one of my earlier posts about Chuck here.

To date, the #2 biggest missed opportunity of 2008: turning unused inventory to your advantage.

Kudos to David Hyman and the WNBC team on a wonderful execution. Special honors to Edd Kalehoff (and daughter Alexis) on creating one very cool update of the original track.