Friday, March 14, 2008

"Anyone who wishes to be cured of ignorance must first admit to it." Michel de Montaigne

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon him not understanding it." Upton Sinclair

"We are generally the better persuaded by the reasons we discover ourselves than by those given to us by others." Blaise Pascal

Today's image: mille miglia by purelook. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Golden: March 13, 1967. Radio programming ace Mel Phillips remembers the debut of RKO's WRKO here. Bravos, Mel! Well done. Boston and WRKO both hold special memories for me. Paul Drew suggested that I pitch the WRKO PD job and recommended me to the GM. After a fifteen minute meeting with the GM it was obvious I was not the person he wanted to hire. Not getting that job was a major disappointment but everything worked out. Months later I was recruited to program WBZ.

Radical Idea For News Sites: Show What's New on Your Homepage

"Here’s the problem — if you visit the New York Times throughout the day, and no important news has broken, the homepage remains largely unchanged, static, like a print newspaper.

Organizing news by importance as the default makes sense when you’re only delivering the news once a day (and the “default” is all you get). But when news publishing is continuous, it’s not the best way to server frequent news consumers."

Read the entire post by Scott Karp here Thanks to Dave Winer for the tip (Dave offers an excellent post w/comments, How Internet news should work).

More music: "The level of ineptitude I've seen at the major labels is stunning. The people in charge of a lot of the digital technologies and the aspects that are decimating their business that I've seen are people that seem to not even be on the Internet." Reznor: Radiohead offering was insincere, industry is inept via ars technica

Congrats & cheers: The David Wain video series Wainy Days nominated for YouTube Video of The Year (series category). Propers due to My Damn Channel impresario Rob Barnett. Rob and team are doing work that matters and they're just getting started. Check out the noms and vote here.

Grapes: Alamos. Bonarda 2006. Another good bottle from Argentina. It happens that Bonarda is an Italian varietal brought to Argentina in the 19th century and now well known in that country. Who knew? My first encounter with this grape, not my last. A wonderful red for $10.