Friday, March 21, 2008

"Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous mind." Samuel Johnson

"The superior man does not waste himself on what is distant, on what is absent. He stands in the here and now, in the real situation." Confucius

"You can either do what you love or love what you do. I don't see there's any other choice." George Burns

Today's image: 12 Apostles by Ron Fell. Incredible. Thanks for sharing.

Snow day: Yesterday was beautiful here. Sunshine, temps in the 40s. Today we are expecting 11 to 13 inches of snow. Added to the record 92 inches already this snow season today's stuff should push us over 100. Larry Wilson checked in from the farm in Michigan where they are expecting this wet mess later today.

Faster: Mozilla's Firefox 3 Beta 4 seems faster. Add-ons migrated fine with the exception of my fav theme and the themes now on offer are nothing exceptional, yet.

Thank you very much: Kurt Hanson, the go-to guy for all things Internet radio, a great and longtime friend, for his kind words about this little blog.

Bonus: Sarah Perez writes The Conversation Has Left the Blogosphere via RWW here. She's spot-on (of course, I found Sarah's post via my FriendFeed - thanks, Terry Heaton). Bonus 2: Fred Wilson Ten Things I'd Like FriendFeed To Do.

Congrats & cheers: Four guys from Mountain View decide to track campaign coverage. The result is skewz (thanks to Sarah for the tip).