Monday, March 24, 2008

"Never express yourself more clearly, than you are able to think." Niels Bohr

"The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook." William James

"Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men." David Ogilvy

Today's image: The great below by Violator 3. Interesting shot. Thank you for sharing.

Official: A short blast of afternoon snow yesterday and now Madison is over 100 inches of precip this season. Ok, I'm over it, no more Ice Station Zebra.

Next FCC Chair: Names in the (very) early bidding include Julius Genachowski (Obama), Susan Ness (Clinton) and Pablo Chavez (McCain). These w/out regard to those now working at the Portals.

More fun with Twitter: Quotably - Follow Twitter Conversations. (FD - I'm hooked on FriendFeed)

It's the attention, stupid: Is it really the "saddest, stupidest sentence" ever? You decide.

First tribe of wireless saves the day, again. So you're in a cab heading into the city from LGA when traffic stops. Where does your driver get the 411 needed to navigate? Text? Cell? On board nav? Nope. 1010 WINS, wins the day.

400-year death spiral continues...

Rick Edmonds, a business analyst at the Poynter Institute and one of the authors of a new report, “State of the News Media 2008,” from the Project for Excellence in Journalism, thinks this year will be a doozy.

“You already were looking at more of the same, which has not been good, and now with the potential of a recession, you are looking at the possibility of double-digit declines in earnings and revenues,” he said. “This is a year when some of the newer players may be hard-pressed to pay the bankers.”

The entire article, Newspapers' Owners Turn Grim, by Timesman David Carr here

Inside baseball: The winner of the Sun-Times' video contest about Wrigley Field naming rights is a Chicago Tribune intern. Video here.

Bonus: Hacker News

Congrats & cheers: Larry Lessig launches the Change Congress movement. Check out Larry's slide show here. Jeff Sellinger promoted to EVP & GM at CBS Mobile. Media maven and uber-mensch Brad Saul gets well deserved recognition via Erica Farber's Publisher's Profile. New Hal Riney site (mad cool).

Jack Armstrong an American original and broadcasting legend has passed.

Qualities of presidential leadership

Doris Kearns Goodwin on the Tim Russert show (MSNBC) put forth her list...

Withstand adversity

Diverse perspectives


Admit mistakes

Manage emotions

Define goals