Friday, March 09, 2007

Photo: New American Landscape, Plate 2 by Thomas Hawk. Beautiful shot. Thank you!

"In the field of observation chance only favors minds which are prepared." Louis Pasteur

"All the daddy figures are gone...If we do the program right, the viewers will come." so says Rick Kaplan the new EP of CBS Evening News. Sean McManus made the right call in hiring the storied producer. Congrats to Rick and Katie. Best of luck to Rome Hartman. More by Bill Carter in CBS Producer Goes Around, Comes Around via NYT here.

Moving and shaking: Congrats to Spotplex. #1 on the Alexa Movers & Shakers ranker. Up 9,000% from 247,451 to 5,969. To put this in perspective, #2 was Mega Millions up 188%. Congrats to John Gehron and the Harpo Radio folks, on being honored with two AWRT Gracies.

Dreaming out loud: Fred Winston in his soon to be live interview via the blog of Rick Kaempfer reveals his station dream team. Included are Dick Biondi, Dan Sorkin, Ken Nordine, Larry Lujack and Steve Dahl. What a killer lineup. Fred is kind enough to name this humble writer as PD. Now working for those guys would be one fun gig. Thanks Fred, love ya man. Rick's blog is here, the Winston interview goes live Sunday. (Thanks to Robert Feder for the tip)

Stream saving: Kurt Hanson has done an excellent job updating the CRB ruling here. Get involved! Thanks Kurt.