Saturday, March 17, 2007

"Is Twitter TOO Good?" Kathy Sierra

This was the week that was for Twitter.

Andrew Lavallee writes Friends Swap Twitters, and Frustration via WSJ here.

Kathy Sierra has done her usual good job of providing us with some perspective. The illustration is taken from her Is Twitter TOO Good post...

"Twitter scares me. For all its popularity, I see at least three issues: 1) it's a near-perfect example of the psychological principle of intermittent variable reward, the key addictive element of slot machines. 2) The strong "feeling of connectedness" Twitterers get can trick the brain into thinking its having a meaningful social interaction, while another (ancient) part of the brain "knows" something crucial to human survival is missing. 3) Twitter is yet another--potentially more dramatic--contribution to the problems of always-on multi-tasking... you can't be Twittering (or emailing or chatting, of course) and simultaneously be in deep thought and/or a flow state."

Read Kathy's entire writing here. Bravo Kathy, well done! What are you doing? Should the 18-34 crowd be important to you, check out Twitter, early adopters are all over it. Kudos to the gang at Obvious.

Congrats & cheers: Microsoft's IE7 update does a beautiful job of rendering text. Downloaded it yesterday and was immediately impressed. Clearly, Microsoft's investments and study in the arts/sciences of reading text have brought us some very cool improvements. Bravo to all involved. You may upgrade free however you need to be running at least XP. Internet Explorer Seven.