Monday, March 19, 2007


Hugh MacLeod

Thanks Hugh!

"When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him." Jonathan Swift

Lawrence Lessig
delivers the mail, his New York Times Op-Ed, Make Way for Copyright Chaos...

"The Internet will now face years of uncertainty before this fundamental question about the meaning of a decade-old legislative deal gets resolved.

No doubt the justices are clever, maybe even more clever than Congress. But however clever, it’s hard to believe that their input is worth the millions in economic value that will be wasted long before they announce their decision."

Bravo Larry! Well said. Read the entire writing here. If you have not yet written to your senators and representative please do so. You may get more information and sign an online petition by clicking on the Save The Streams banner found at the upper left of this page. Since congress is hearing happy, we might as well get in line. We need congressional action to get this fixed. Kurt Hanson has written an excellent post - Copyright law and the CRB: What went wrong? here. Bravo Kurt and Paul!

Talk is cheap, whiskey cost money: Would you pay $50 per year for "free music"? Peter Jenner via Wired here. Doc's Internet Radio on Death Row here.

One call does it all: GrandCentral, now in beta, offers up some cool telephone services. You sign up, get your universal GC phone number and when folks call you it rings all of your phones at once. You may also screen your calls. Lots more on the services here. (Thanks to Tim and O'Reilly Radar for the tip)

Dan Rather, Bruce Sterling, Amanda, Phillip Torrone, Kathy Sierra, Daniel Raffel and more: The SXSW Podcasts here.

Bonus: Idol Critic Liza Persky rocks! Congrats and cheers to Liza, Mary, Peter and Jeff. The obvious remains the most difficult to see.

Bonus 2: PrezVid Peter Hauck and Jeff Jarvis cover the 08 one day sale via YouTube - smart, very smart. Bravo! ( ibid, the obvious)