Friday, August 03, 2007

"Only in show business could a guy with a C-minus average be considered an intellectual." Mort Sahl

"A critic is a man who knows the way but can't drive the car." Kenneth Tynan

"A bridge in America just shouldn't fall down." Sen Amy Klobuchar

Today's image by Hugh MacLeod.

We have liftoff: eBay Media Marketplace
has enabled a six-figure order for Oxygen. It's a Q3 scatter deal for Intel including spots and a movie sponsorship. The agency is Universal McCann. This is the first order completed using the eBay platform. Kudos to Mary Jeanne Cavanagh, Oxygen's head of ad sales for getting the order without making a single phone call, buyer and seller communicated using the platform's messaging system. Second tier net, yes, but a smart move by the same guys who were smart enough to involve the brilliant Dale Pon in their branding. They deserve credit for doing something different in sales.

The E.A.R. Awards site opens with video. Where's the audio dudes? The copywriter vid is pretty cool but it's not too late to call Chuck Blore about creating an engaging audio opener.

Dahl makes the difference, again: As mentioned here earlier, Steve Dahl, the legendary Chicago radio star, delivered another great book and continues to carry an entire radio station. Now the stats. 65% of the station's 25-54 men and almost 66% of the 25-54 adults are Dahl listeners. Steve's recycling metrics are excellent, of course, in the sixty percent range (compare with morning drive that posted less than thirty percent). Truly remarkable; Steve is producing an audience from scratch everyday. His ratings production serves as a strong practical example of real-world appointment listening behavior. Congrats Steve! Closed circuit to Drew: the station production values need to be much stronger, fresher, the "man in the can" sound is played out.