Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"...this Googleization should be far more valuable for Internet-delivered radio than broadcast radio" Kurt Hanson

My friend Kurt Hanson has collected some of the writing on Google's dMarc acquisition and also offers up his own thoughtful comments here

Forbes' Peter Kafka offers up his analysis, Radio Google, here

My congrats to Chad and Ryan Steelberg, they have done an excellent job to date and provided the resources of Google the smart money bet is more amazing things are on the way.

Fred Wilson serves up his take and the usual good read of comments follow on here

Before you buy any of the noise concerning "the end of broadcast radio sales as we know it" keep in mind that the automation and/or semi-automation of the broadcast radio and television sales functions have been coming now for well on a decade. I do applaud Google for getting into the audio game and commend them on making the first play with the brothers Steelberg - smart move.

Kevin Ohannessian over at Fast Company lends his view, This Jingle Brought to You by Google, here

In other news the feds (DOJ) want Google data to help make their case in a renewed chase of the so-called internet child protection law. So far Google has said no but did Yahoo and MSN say yes? The feds say others are playing along. Read all about it here