Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"The mentality of one-way, one-to-many media has been accumulating, layer-on-layer for more than 250 years of press history. The dramatic and surprising shift away from those conditions, which we are living though now, is going to be one long, tough, brutal, noisy, wrenching thing; but in the end it is bringing greater democracy to the means of information, and to the people who have always informed us." Jay Rosen

Jim Brady is to be commended for hosting the live panel on ethics and interactivity earlier today. The bolded comment above was lifted from Jay Rosen's closing remarks. You may find a transcript of the online event here (free rr), Jay's always good read may be found here. Deborah Howell was MIA, Jim Brady should host another live session with Howell present and participating. Get the after action from panel player Jane Hamsher via firedoglake here

Bravo Bruce Reese! From his testimony before the Senate Commerce Committee...NAB submits that a new paradigm is necessary. It is NAB’s position that any indecency legislation must have clear guidelines that are applied in a fair and consistent manner across all media providers. Consumers should have the same expectations as to all programming that comes into the home, and legislation should address the fact that consumers do not readily distinguish between programming that is provided over –the-air and other programming.
You may read his prepared remarks via pdf here

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