Friday, January 20, 2006

"The test of an innovation is whether it creates value. Innovation means the creation of new value and new satisfaction for the customer" Peter Drucker

Brian Kelly, Operations Manager of Entercom's Milwaukee cluster and programming chief of KISS FM (WXSS) is, without question, one of the best programming executives in the business. It is a joy to listen to Kelly's KISS FM, everything on the station works; the station is alive, fresh and entertaining. Congrats to Brian and his team on their outstanding fall ratings - well deserved.

Paul Marszalek, managing partner of Media Mechanics makes the case that podcasting for profit ain't a bad thing. Paul is exactly correct, especially on these key points...

Public radio’s current business model is, to be blunt, broken. We must move quickly but wisely to adopt new technologies and to adapt the business model to the future.

If anyone was afraid that podcasting would crush public radio’s business model in the short run, he or she may feel relieved that it hasn’t. But he or she may not like how consumer behavior changes in time.

The bottom line here is: We in public radio have a huge opportunity with new technologies, but we might have only one or two chances to get it right.

Bravo Paul - well said. Read all of Paul's comments here

Good reading from The Economist - King Content, Don't write off Hollywood and the big media groups just yet...

Any media business has two products to sell: its content (to readers and viewers); and its audience (to advertisers). The task for old media is first to protect its advertising revenues by amassing audiences online and, second, to offset their viewers' intolerance of mass-advertising by making them pay more for content—which they are increasingly willing to do. It will not be easy, but then saving the heroine never was. Read the entire article here