Thursday, January 19, 2006

"Creativity and innovation function best in an atmosphere of fun and foment. Creativity hardly functions at all in an atmosphere of politics and fear" David Ogilvy

Mark Glaser (left) has launched the PBS blog...

Repeat after me. We the MEDIA-LOVING, MEDIA-DRENCHED people of these United States, in order to form a more perfect UNION complete with viewer participation, establish a JUST media distribution system, insure domestic tranquility and the GOD-GIVEN RIGHT TO ZAP COMMERCIALS, provide for our common defense against MEDIA BIGWIGS who seek to control our lives, promote the general welfare and QUALITY PROGRAMMING in which we have a VOICE, secure the blessings of liberty and FREEDOM to blog to our heart's content, do ordain and establish that we will WATCH, LISTEN, READ and WRITE what we want when we want it, on OUR OWN TERMS! Jump to Mark's blog, Mediashift, here

Ilya Vedrashko, a grad student at MIT, is blogging about the future of advertising and ad tech, check it out here (thanks to Jarvis for the pointer)

Rebecca Blood posted an email interview with Doctor Dave, a good read here

Erik Sass of Media Post offers up another pov on the Google dMarc acquistion. Quoting Dave Newmark of Bid4Spots he writes...

...Newmark put his finger on the anxiety caused by Google's move within the businesses most directly in the search giant's path: "The big unknown is how the media agencies who control most of the dollars and the radio station management will respond to this initiative. Essentially, what's done is to cut out the radio sales management and media buying industries, but I think most people still agree you need that human element to direct media intelligently."

Erik also includes comments from Gregg Lindahl for my money one of the best and brightest working in media today. The entire post is here

Finally, from the "There's one born every minute" department...the sex dot com domain was sold this week for 14 million dollars. Only in America folks.