Monday, December 04, 2006

"Goodwill is the one and only asset that competition cannot undersell nor destroy" Marshall Field

Doing research on a writing (and talk) about "The Basics" and found the following: "Rules for Business Success" by Rothschild...

  1. Carefully examine every detail of the business.
  2. Be prompt.
  3. Take time to consider and then decide quickly.
  4. Dare to go forward.
  5. Bear your trouble patiently.
  6. Maintain your integrity as a sacred thing.
  7. Never tell business lies.
  8. Make no useless acquaintances.
  9. Never try to appear something more than you are.
  10. Pay your debts promptly.
  11. Learn how to risk your money at the right time.
  12. Shun strong liquor.
  13. Employ your time well.
  14. Do not reckon on chance.
  15. Be polite to everyone.
  16. Never be discouraged.
  17. Work hard and you will succeed.
And another..."Ten Success Rules" by Herbert N. Casson...
  1. Put success before amusement.
  2. Learn something every day.
  3. Cut free from routine.
  4. Concentrate on net profits.
  5. Make your services known.
  6. Never worry over trifles.
  7. Shape your decisions quickly.
  8. Acquire skill and technique.
  9. Deserve loyalty and co-operation.
  10. Value character above all.
Barry Diller's ASK team jumps into the $31 billion Local Search space. Congrats & Cheers! More via Techcrunch, AskCity Launches. It's Cool. here

New WSJ redesign launches Jan 2: Read all about it - Julia Hood interviews WSJ's Paul Steiger via PRWeek here Bravo Julia, well done!

Digital wireless & The Old Fashioned lunch: My thanks to Michelle Vetterkind and Linda Baun for inviting me to a working lunch last week. These ladies are heading the ongoing promotion of digital broadcasting in Wisconsin and have a terrific grasp of the subject matter. Lunch on the square at one of my favorite joints The Old Fashioned.

Oxford 7 85 06: Bob Fass is a living legend, he comes to life Thursdays at midnight on Pacifica's outlet in the city. Marc Fisher writing in the latest issue of the New Yorker profiles the audio artiste of Radio Unnameable. Online audio here. The Bob Dylan audio is a gem. Kudos to Marc on a job well done, congrats to Bob on the well deserved notice.

Keith Turner leaves NBC Universal: After Randy Falco's departure, to AOL, now comes word that Keith, who heads ad sales at NBCU, is also moving on (unknown whereto). Word around midtown is an announcement will happen this week. All the best to Keith!

First timers: Had dinner at Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, new here in Madison. High marks for the room and the attentive service - the attitude of everyone on the floor was very good. Food and attitude way above average - not excellent but still a strong value for the price - we'll go back. More info here

Could not have said it better dept: My thanks to the always uber-cool Dave Logan, a recent email as written...

"ps. Casino Royale is beyond great. Radio needs to take a lesson on rebooting legacy content from producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. What they've done with this franchise is brilliant."

Hey Dave, agreed - you are 100% correct but why stop with the first tribe of wireless, all media can take an object lesson (or two) from this incredible work of reinvention.