Friday, December 08, 2006

Photo credit: Dawn at Lake Waubesa by WisDoc. Great shot, thank you.

"Love the talent; love the show (even if it's tough love)" Nik Goodman

Don't know Nik but a client of our firm in the EU sent along one of Nik's writings; a handout used at his presentation during the recent NAB ERC in Rome. Nik's "Top 10 Talent Tips - How to manage talent" is well done and recommended. Download Nik's PDF courtesy of the NAB here. Visit Nik's site here. Bravo, good job Nik! One suggestion: rather than how to "manage" please consider how to "lead" talent. Not sure talent can be managed. In my experience managers who want to manage someone are well served by managing themselves first and managing things (e.g., P&L) second. Congrats and cheers to Teri Rabel and her team on another excellent NAB ERC! See you next year in Spain.

Hugh MacLeod rolls on with his manifesto collection - one that caught my attention by Doug Emerson is headed Don't Look Back, here is a taste...

"Metaphorically, the next jump is coming quickly from the future to the present and the past jump is unchangeable history.

Focus on the next hurdle with all of your power of concentration. The time for analysis of what happened is later, when the round is over. Too often, we get hung up on what has happened instead of what is happening right now. We know that we can't change history but that doesn't stop us from dwelling on it...

Understand the importance of today, here and now. Focus and ready for progress. When thoughts meander back to “knocked rails” from previous experiences, the chance of losing focus heightens and history repeats.

Don’t Look Back." Excellent counsel, bravo Doug! Thanks for sharing Hugh. Read the Don't Look Back Manifesto here.