Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Photo credit: Adorn by Thomas Hawk. Very cool, cheers and thanks.

We're closing the offices for the year.

Let me take this opportunity to say thank you and express my sincere appreciation for your support. To you, the reader of my humble blog, I send best wishes for a blessed and safe holiday.

Back to blogging next week with another round of best of lists and 2007 predictions. Add your voice, your 2006 bests as well as your predictions for the new year ahead - please make use of the comments feature at the bottom of this post.



Anonymous said...

David, long-time reader, first time commenting. Your blog is a favorite, a must-read and the source of interesting thoughts. My 06 bests: Fiction - Marisha Pessl's Special Topics in Calamity Physics. Music - Sir George Martin's LOVE, the Beatles tribute. Non-fiction - Lawrence Wright's The Looming Tower. TV - Rachael Ray, the woman is on her way to being the first multi-media megastar of the 21st century. Radio - KROQ, the best station in the nation, no contest. 07 predictions: CC and CBS will sell more stations. The Hollander brothers will walk away with smiles and fat wallets but not Freston fat. John Hogan will "retire" to Atlanta. Movin will fail to get the numbers for Emmis in LA. Erica Farber will return to radio. Tribune will sell WGN radio. Couric will stay in third place. David Martin will return to broadcasting as a corporate veep. Bloomberg will announce his intention to run indie in 08. Air America will survive with new owners and new leaders, they will become important in the 08 election. Thank you for the invitation to play along. Happy Holidays. Paula

Anonymous said...

Dave, your blog is sometimes brilliant and sometimes lame because you can be scary smart and scary stupid in equal measure. Regardless here are my Top Ten 2007 Predictions (please don't wimp out and discard this comment, man up)
10. Google Radio will fail.
9. Microsoft Vista will be delayed again.
8. A $30 iPod will be introduced by Apple.
7. Zune will be a failure and the latest loser tossed into the iPod killer dust bin.
6. WNEW will change format as will CBS-FM.
5. WLTW will be the #1 billing station in 06 and 07.
4. Bonneville will buy more stations returning to New York radio.
3. Trump's new apprentice set in LA will be a failure.
2. Couric will be reassigned, take over as the lead of a new CBS Morning Show and boost the show to #2 behind Today.
1. Dave Martin will officially become the last person alive that will not admit Joel Hollander is a failed CEO.

Anonymous said...


Congrats on another year of excellent blogging. Enjoy reading your writing. Thank you too for the invite to prognosticate, my prophesy, the sweet sixteen....
1. ABC will win the entertainment and news categories next year. Prime + World News + GMA all topped by ABC in demo (25-54). CBS holds total hh leadership.
2. Microsoft Radio powered by Pandora will become all the rage.
3. Year-over-year, Broadcast TV revs will decline, Broadcast Radio revs will be flat or down less than a single digit.
4. Video will prove to be the second killer app of the web following the first that being email.
5. C-SPAN will NOT be given control of the house or senate video (but I do applaud your suggestion)
6. Emmis will have major ratings problems, bad books in New York, LA and Chicago.
7. Sean Ross will return to Billboard.
8. Charlotte will be the last NAB Radio Show. Record low attendance and apathy by the major groups will finally kill the event.
9. John David will leave the NAB to join Eddie, he will not be replaced.
10. Rocky will sweep the Oscars.
11. David Letterman will marry in June. Martha Stewart will cater the affair.
12. XM and Sirius will merge, Mel will be forced out as part of the deal.
13. There is no 13.
14. Glenn Beck will emerge as the third biggest star of cable, the second will be Keith O, the first will continue to be Jon S.
15. John Sykes will go into business with Robert Pittman, their new venture will burn over $100 mil in opm funding before closing the doors.
16. G Market, the eBay of South Korea, will be a hot property and a hot stock.
17. David Martin will be recruited to head, build, a new interactive division of one of the major broadcast groups.