Friday, June 01, 2007

Image: Millionaire by Hugh MacLeod. Bravo Hugh and thank you!

"No profit grows where is no pleasure taken; in brief, sir, study what you most affect." Shakespeare

"Knowledge conquered by labor becomes a possession - a property entirely our own. A greater vividness and permanency of impression is secured, and facts thus acquired become registered in the mind in a way that mere imparted information can never produce." Carlyle

"Big shots are little shots who kept shooting." Christopher Morley

Who were the programmers at the ABC rocker KSFX, San Francisco? The game continues. The estimable Ron Fell checks in to say he too is "stumped" on the query. He does offer the witness of Rosie Lee Allen, a former KNBR colleague of Ron's and later KSFX talent, she also remembers Gloria Johnson as the PD during the late 1970s. Ron shares news from Rosie Lee that "Gloria is out of the biz but in the Detroit area." Tom Teuber pings us after chatting up Tom Yates. The brief: Yes, Conrad, Catchings and Christensen are all names Tom Yates remembers. More soon from Tom Yates via the inimitable Tom Teuber, please standby.

Lee Arnold rings us up and invokes the real question: "What must it have been like to even think of taking on the house that Tom Donahue built?" Lee is spot-on. Jacta alea est! By the late 1970s Bonnie Simmons and her gang at 345 Sansome Street were writing their own sheet music. To put it into proper perspective - since 1968 KSAN was the goods, so was it even plausible that KSFX could make a competitive showing?

Our friends Bob Shannon and his wonderful wife Patti are in from Seattle. Their first time to Wisconsin. We had a fun dinner in Madison at The Old Fashioned, later walked down State Street and enjoyed dessert at Porta Bella. In addition to his writing on AllAccess (All Them Big Dogs) Bob has a book in the works. Patti continues to be involved in a number of successful entrepreneurial ventures. We are blessed to know Patti and Bob.