Friday, June 29, 2007

Image: Wolf vs. Sheep by Hugh MacLeod. Bravos Hugh! Thank you for sharing.

"In the absence of money, we'll have to make do with talent." Sir Michael Balcon

"There are no rules in film-making. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness." Frank Capra

"Studio executives are intelligent, brutally overworked men and women who share one thing in common with baseball managers: They wake up every morning of the world with the knowledge that sooner or later they're going to get fired." William Goldman

Lewis Lazare writes about the iPhone "...we can only tip our hat to Apple for having successfully executed one of the most impressive buzz campaigns in marketing history" Read Lew's column here. Those in the know tell me the AT&T connect is s l o w. Scobleizer and son are first in line at the Palo Alto store, follow the action here.

The King and the heiress = 3.2 mil: Biggest audience of 2007 for the King but fails to make the man's top forty shows of all time. Perspective: 14 years ago, the Al Gore v Ross Perot NAFTA debate captured 16.8 mil, that King show remains the record high of basic cable.

Congrats & cheers: DDB Chicago
for bringing home the Lions and to Pete Stacker the great voice of the winners, DDB's Real Men of Genius for Bud Light. Steve Newcomb and his Powerset team out of stealth mode. David Garland named Time Out Chicago publisher. Vinnie Malhotra promoted to EP ABC News' weekend. Pownce. WBA Wunderkind Michelle Vetterkind.