Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Nearly every great discovery in science has come as the result of providing a new question rather than a new answer." Paul A. Meglitsch

"The most important part of every business is to know what ought to be done." Lucius Columella

"Quality is long remembered after price is forgotten." Bob Evans

Enjoying the writing of Tom Taylor over at radio-info. One suggestion. Telling readers that they need to register "because frankly, we need the space for other stuff to share with online users" is, frankly, disappointing. Just tell us your business model requires you to have email addressees and be done with it. Transparency! While you're at it - where's my RSS?

Lewis Lazare tells us the story. The first city outside of Seattle to get a Starbucks store was Chicago. I fondly remember that first Rush & Oak store (now more than 325 in the metro). Read Lew here.

Making TV pay for elections, again: Senator Richard Durbin sponsors and intros S. 1285 (Thomas info here). The bill seeks to make changes in the Communications Act of 1934 to lower broadcast advertising rates and create ad vouchers, establishes a body (Fair Elections Review Commission), directs the Federal Election Commission to charge non-public broadcast stations a spectrum use fee which ends up in the Senate Fair Elections Fund and more. Meanwhile Representative John Tierney gives intro to H.R. 1614 (Thomas info here) and that proposed bill includes free broadcast time. This is the latest version of the long standing false argument that giving candidates reduced or free television time will help clean up the federal election process. Our elected leaders care more about TV than radio in this case. Still, it's bad law making. Please contact your Rep and Senators to express your pov. NAB staff is on it.

Congrats & cheers: Aaron Radin promoted to SVP advertising sales and biz dev at CBS TV's Digital Media Group. Bret Taylor and Jim Norris leaving the Googleplex and heading to Sand Hill Road joining Benchmark Capital (Bret and Jim made major contributions to Google Maps). Pat O'Neill and his Magic 98 team on raising over $100K in three days for the Madison Gilda's Club. Midwest Family Broadcasting, owners of Q106 (and Magic 98) for stepping up to save the Elver Park fireworks. These two radio stations are making a difference and leading by example. Bravos to the Midwest gang! Madtown guys Katy Sai and Jay Olsen and their beta launch of StoryBridge.

Closed circuit to the Conclave: You should consider inviting Pat O'Neill and Brad Austin to share their best practices and wisdom on doing the right things. The work being done by these good folks is simply exemplary. (My schedule has me off to other places this year so I will not be attending this wonderful gathering of the first tribe of wireless)

The buzz: Seems Jerry will be named Yahoo! CEO and soon. Should this be true Jerry and Susan will have to make major changes. Will they be able to break free from the thinking that put them where they are today? My sense is Google will continue to lead (in search, in advertising and in innovation). While it remains popular to bash Redmond, never count out Microsoft. Never.

Coming tomorrow: Why Peter Smyth is wrong about Google.