Saturday, December 08, 2007

"All art is propaganda; on the other hand, not all propaganda is art." George Orwell

"If a lion could speak, we would not understand him." Ludwig Wittgenstein

"Form is not the goal but the result." Mies van der Rohe

Today's photo: Snow on Dead Neighborhoods by Thomas Hawk. Great shot. Thank you very much!


"Every morning (during the 1950s) advertising doyen David Ogilvy used to pass a beggar in Central Park who had a sign round his neck which said BLIND.

One morning Ogilvy stopped, took it off the man's neck, and wrote: IT IS SPRING AND I AM BLIND. And hung it back.

On his way home he was pleased to notice the vagrant had a full cap."

My thanks to Alan Fletcher for the story.

Bonus: WORJ Getting my vote for rock station of the year.

May I show you something in red: My love of Spanish reds continues. Vina Alarba 2005. Self-described via label as "Old vines grenache." Big, jammy red under $10. Another in the Jorge Ordonez portfolio.


John Gorman said...

Enjoy your blog.

I'm still not sold on CBS and streaming. Saying it is one thing, doing something creative is another. They are still pushing HD radio and running tons of spots, neither of which brings potential listeners back to terrestrial radio.