Thursday, December 27, 2007

"Consider the doorway as a metaphor for information, humour a passageway to understanding." Rich Saul Wurman

"Matisse renovates rather than innovates." Guillaume Apollinaire

"It may be those who do most dream most." Stephen Leacock

Today's image: New hat and a hula hoop by fd. Great shot! Thanks for sharing.

More of my eight to watch in '08: He's the marketing guy's marketing guy. While others are talking about doing something, he's doing it while blogging and podcasting about it. He's the juice, the goods. If you like Seth, you'll love Joseph Jaffe.

Just say no: Should you work in commercial radio and if your group is a member of the HD Radio Alliance please be aware of the new Alliance creative set to air beginning 12/31. Does the creative belong on your air? Please listen to it and decide. Fred Jacobs and I have suggested that it not air. We are calling for a time out and a candid industry discussion. Read Fred's post with comments here. My earlier posts on the HD Radio Alliance here, here and here. FYI - to date not one person other than Peter Farrara has stepped forward to defend the creative. Time to take action. Should you agree that the new creative will not get the job done, will not position and promote HD Radio in the right way then just say no. Do let corporate know how you feel about this. Let's not waste one avail with this new creative. The messaging for HD Radio is important. We have an urgent need to be right.

Peter, I again respectfully request you delay the 12/31 start and ask you to please remove the password protection allowing everyone to hear the new creative. What's needed now more than ever is transparency.

Keeping Up - Best of trade coverage, online, '07: Radio - AllAccess Nobody does it better. Joel Denver and his crew are simply the best. TV - Tie - TV Decoder (Brian Stelter), Lost Remote (Bergman, Safran, Johnson, Day et al). New media - Tie - paidContent, TechCrunch.