Saturday, December 29, 2007

"It is not so hard to be original, what is hard, is to be original with continuity." Andres Segovia

"Art is what you can get away with." Marshall McLuhan

"Art is pattern informed by sensibility." Sir Herbert Read

Today's image: Red fruit by unneva. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Thinking out loud: The agency hired to do the new creative for the HD Radio Alliance is GSD&M. Have a great amount of respect for that shop. Still, not a fan of the new Alliance creative. The questions remaining are: Why Peter Ferrara has not announced that GSD&M, a celebrated and respected shop, was engaged to do the creative? Does Peter have research to support the creative? My sense is GSD&M, understanding the critical importance of the initiative, would have suggested the creative be tested before or after execution and before air. If not before air then certainly after a good measure of weight has run to establish some measure of effectiveness. We have an urgent need for transparency. Peter?

Thomas P.M. Barnett: The Pentagon's New Map for War & Peace. Must see video of his presentation at TED. Brilliant!