Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"Resistance to new ideas increases as to the square of their importance." Bertrand Russell

"Almost all really new ideas have a certain aspect of foolishness when they are first produced." Alfred N. Whitehead

"Yesterday an idea is mine, today it is yours, and tomorrow it belongs to the whole world." Konstantin Stanislavsky

Today's image: supercitrus super collider by Splat Worldwide. Awesome. Thanks for sharing!

Politics as metaphor

When working with broadcast promotion folks we often use the line "Running for US Senate." We use retail politics as a metaphor. The most successful stations (and talent) understand the concept, understand the need to get out where the viewers/listeners are. Hint: they're not in the station. We counsel that email, chat, im, text, blogs and all the other tools are important but showing up is most important of all.

Over the holiday a colleague was nice enough to send along a heads up that Paige Nienaber had written something about politics and station promotion. It's posted at AllAccess under Consultant Tips, here's a taste...

"I've begun to see more and more stations that, for lack of a better term, have pulled the goalie. Have pulled off the streets. And are marketing themselves impersonally and one dimensionally through e-mail and outdoor.

Side note: My niece lives "out west." Her favorite (if a 16 year-old can have a favorite anymore) station was doing a pretty cool promotion. I asked about it when we were on the phone. She replied "I didn't play. They made you sign up for stuff and I really want more spam." (Exaggerated 16-year-old sarcasm is implied.)

Radio has always done a terrific job of embracing new technologies. It's part of being contemporary. And we should. But each new "thing" is just another part of the arsenal. It's not THE arsenal.

Case-in-point: Someone who goes back a long ways with me -- Jo Jo Wright from KIIS in L.A. Phenomenally talented. Phenomenally nice. And phenomenally smart. Every new gimmick that comes along becomes just another facet in his juggernaut to win the world. Ain't no one going to beat the guy. When pagers came out, like every jock between Medford and Maine, he got one. But he USED it. Came in an hour early each day and returned pages. That creates the kind of loyalty that money (contesting) can't buy.

I was at the hotel pool on my last visit to Cox in Honolulu and chatting with the bartender, who was wearing a KIIS shirt. She brought up, totally unbidden, that the best DJ in the world works there, blah blah blah, she'd texted him for something, they traded texts, etc. et al, ad nauseum. Yep. Jo Jo. She sent him a text to enter her sister for something, he texted back, treated her like an actual live human being, bing-bang-boom. End of story. "Greatest DJ in the world" was her term."

Check out Paige via AllAccess (free reg req) or at his site here. Highly recommended! Thanks and bravos to Paige, very well done! P.S. No matter what business you happen to be in you'll achieve more when you and your team "Run for US Senate." It's another case of putting the focus not on getting better but on getting different. Employ one of the secrets used by every successful campaign - create contrast! P.S.S. The next time your team needs a killer idea or a fresh new approach in staging a promotion/event get in touch with Paige.

The play's the thing

Michael Rosenblum is at it again. Writing wonderful stuff you need to be reading. This time on the art of storytelling...

Stop and think about this for a moment.

All across the country, every who is watching the first shot is thinking exactly the same thing at exactly the same time.


This is a pretty impressive trick.

And now you have a moment to capture the audience as yours.

All you have to do is talk to them.

‘To’ them… as opposed to ‘at’ them.

Everyone who is watching this is thinking the same question at the same time - ‘what happened to the dog’.

All you have to do is answer the question.

Read Michael's post, Scripting without paper - 3rd in a series here. Excellent, Michael! Kudos!

They're living closer to the future than we are dept: 64% of online teens (12-17) engaged in at least one type of content creation. 35% of all teen girls blog, 20% of online boys. 54% of wired girls post photos compared to 40% of online boys. Boys do dominate one area - posting videos. As we suggest to clients on the day job - Flickr is to women as ESPN is to men. Read the topline here - Pew Internet: Teens and Social Media

Apropos of nothing: Congrats & cheers to Dan Kois, Lane Brown and the gang at Vulture - behold, Pitchfork's Top 100 Tracks of 2007: A Pie Chart. Genius! Have a look here. Includes link to actual Pf list. Thanks to Rex for the tip.

Ka-ching, Seattle style:'s biggest shopping day was December 10th, 5.4 million items sold, 62.5 items ordered per second.

Lesson already in progress: Scobleizer teaches Google an important lesson in GPC (Granular Privacy Controls). Good going Robert! Read his post with comments here. Smart money says team GR will have this fixed before COB. My sense is this stuff is cohort sensitive; the youth define privacy in a new way, or care about it in a truly different way. The truth would seem to remain the same, privacy is a myth.

Bonus: Nada Stirratt & Jason Witt, two stars of the MTVN Ad Group, do the paidContent interview. Kudos to David Kaplan on a job well done!

"I would expect to see new ad products within casual gaming and interactive video overlays. The third piece is mobile and the fourth is social media open platforms. Last month, we launched a widget program with a fast food marketer that worked across multiple sites and had a 360 degree grab-and-hold experience. One of the things that you can’t do with sales—but that Digital Fusion can do—is tap into viral traffic."

Read the interview here.

More of my eight to watch in '08: A brilliant gentleman with the courage to consistently do and say the right thing. Candor as refreshing (and needed) as that first hot cup of coffee in the morning. He's the guy who gave us blogging, podcasting, RSS and you can wager big, without worry, much more to come. Those of us living in Madison claim him a local hero, a UW grad done good. His river of news concept is but one of his fresh takes on what's next, get this guy into your reader today Dave Winer