Monday, December 17, 2007

"The economy of means is founded on the richness of thought." Henryk Tomaszewski

"Imagine a piano having seventy-five different sounds. This is the situation of painters." Salvador Dali

"Elimination is the point of departure." A.G. Fronzoni

Today's image: Fort Pickering Light by StormCrypt. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

Decades ago United Technologies Corporation ran a series of full-page ads in the Wall Street Journal. Here is the text from one in that series.

Let's Get Rid of Management

don't want
to be
They want
to be led.
Whoever heard
of a world
World leader,
Educational leader.
Political leader.
Religious leader.
Scout leader.
Community leader.
Labor leader.
Business leader.
They lead.
They don't manage.
The carrot
always wins
over the stick.
Ask your horse.
You can lead your
horse to water,
but you can't
manage him
to drink.
If you want to
manage somebody,
manage yourself.
Do that well
and you'll
be ready to
stop managing.
And start

More from my year end list - Eight to watch in '08:


"Hip hop is the great American cultural export of my age. Russell Simmons is a god like Phil Spector was a god. Eric Clapton is replaced by Jay-Z.

This revolution may not be televised, but it's already been merchandised.

Identity preservation and youthful rebellion beautifully fused and sold by the video clip." More


"The web is an extremely powerful and plastic medium for capturing information and storytelling. It works equally well in print, video, still, music, graphics and viewer participation. Like any new technology, we have yet to really figure out what to do with it. The day after Gutenberg invented the Printing Press, he could have gone down into the basement and printed The New York Times. All the technology he needed to print a newspaper was now in his hands. What was lacking was the model - the idea." More

Congrats & cheers: Slantly, off the launch pad and live in beta here (& blogging here). The New Radicals, Radar Online names the year's most notable rogues, renegades and rule-breakers here.