Monday, April 07, 2008

"Obstacles are those frightful things that appear when you take your mind off your goals." David Byrne

"Hunger is the handmaid of genius." Mark Twain

"You really only know when you know little; doubt grows with knowledge." Goethe

Today's image: Down the Centerline by Magic Man. Killer shot. Thanks for sharing.

From The McKinsey Quarterly Top Ten Newsletter...

Matt Guthridge, Emily Lawson and Asmus B. Komm write Making talent a strategic priority and offer their "Top 7 obstacles to good talent management" - here are the top three

1. Senior managers don't spend enough high-quality time on talent management.
2. Organization is "siloed" and does not encourage constructive collaboration, sharing of resources.
3. Line managers are not sufficiently committed to development of people's capabilities and careers.

Bonus: 10 Ways the Internet (As We Know It) Will Die by Alistair Croll

Bonus 2: Media & music wiz (and former RKO and NBC radio programming ace) Mel Phillips bows his brand new site Mel Phillips Now & Then

Congrats & cheers: Jacqueline Hernandez named COO, Telemundo Communications Group. Radio programming ace Gary Saunders promoted to Operations Manager, Service Broadcasting (KKDA AM & FM, KRNB). John Potter appointed VP, Interactive Revenue Development for RAB. Yahoo! AMP! Fun machine Randy Michaels appointed to the NAB TV Board, holding "at large" seat. Pitchfork TV debuts.

Your tax dollars at work: $350 mil, that's the value of the ten-year contract for the US Air Force advertising account retained by GSD&M's Idea City. If we added to this 350 the values of the ad spends for the other services we're talking some pretty big dollars. My thought is why should these accounts be anything other than pro bono?

Video entertainment online, what's happening? TV Week's Greg Baumann says the relevant term is "burn rate". Thanks to AlwaysOn for sharing the video