Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"We can't take our eye off the ball, because if we lose it, we'll have a bitch of a time getting it back." Philip Knight

"Living in a world where everything is changing constantly, you learn to change." K. Ram Shriram

"Great art picks up where nature ends." Marc Chagall

Today's image: Go by dlemieux. Great shot. Thanks for sharing.

Congrats & cheers: Fred Jacobs and his Jacobs Media gang for W.T.D.A. Spot-on! Ray Ozzie and team deliver Microsoft Live Mesh (more via Channel 9 and the official tech preview here). Very cool.

Bonus: Dr Dave tells us what the smart kids are thinking..."
a number from 1-10 saying what difference the Net will make, where “Net” includes the Internet, the Web, and the computing devices it uses, and where the potential for change is included in the number" Check the results here. Thanks and kudos to David, John and the students @ Harvard.

A conversation with retail fashion ace, the merchant prince Mickey Drexler from Charlie Rose. Highly recommended.