Monday, August 14, 2006

"Every day one should at least hear one little song, read one good poem, see one fine painting and - if at all possible - speak a few sensible words." Goethe

Kevin Weatherly
, the CBS Radio programming wizard of Calabasas makes the cut. Congrats and cheers to Kevin on being named one of The West 100, the LA Times list of the most powerful people in southern California...

The most powerful rock signal west of the Mississippi is KROQ, and Weatherly, in an era of blandly calculated playlists and national uniformity, is one of the last true hit makers in radio. Whether it was Sublime in the 1990s or the Killers now, KROQ relies on Weatherly's instinct for picking the next star.

Others on the list...Philip Anschutz, Jerry Bruckheimer, Haim Saban, N. Christian Anderson III, Dean Baquet, Harry "Skip" Brittenham, David Geffen, Stanley Gold, Nick Haque, Alan Horn, Robert Iger, Steve "Jonesey" Jones, KFI's John & Ken, Mark Lisanti, Sam Nazarian, Alexandra Patsavas, Esa-Pekka Salonen, Nancy Silverton, Emily Simonitsch, Eddie"Piolin" Sotelo, and Caroline Styne. Check out the complete list here (free rr) Congrats to all!

NAHJ announces journo winners: Ernesto Schweikert owner of New Orleans' KGLA Radio Tropical named Broadcast Journalist of the Year. Tony Delgado, shooter at Houston's KHOU named Photojournalist of the Year. Congrats each and all. Complete winner's list here

Period, amen. Steve Safran gets it...

If you want to win over your local market website war, have the best local information in town, period.

The quality and
depth of information will keep the folks coming back, not a platform here or there.

Steve comments, a part of the Allison Romano writing about local dead tree guys via The Paper Chase, B&C here Well said Steve, job well done Allison!

Another thing pay radio can't do...Congrats to WTMX's Eric & Kathy, in 36 hours their radiothon for Children's Memorial Hospital raised $2,249,496.78....another great success by the Bonneville station that has changed Chicago radio for the better. Kudos to uber-mensch Drew Horowitz for leading the way. One station, one DMA, one very big difference, and yet another example of something pay radio just can't do.

Jeff Jarvis asks...Is writing the highest form of speech? Bravo Jeff. A good piece here