Thursday, August 31, 2006

"You have to give people a reason to pay attention to the news. You have to present news in a way that's forceful and compelling." Richard Stengel

Patrick Phillips
chats up Richard Stengel, the new managing editor of Time here. Bravo Patrick, well done.

Media Audit tells us that "about 76,000" folks are listening to pay radio (both services combined) in the city. To put this into perspective WADO-AM, the Univision Spanish newstalker posted a 1.2 share with a 400,000 cume. So one single AM station in the city has about five times the audience of both pay radio services combined in the city. The future of pay radio is fraught with peril. My sense is the best subscription media folks on the planet are the HBO gang. Last I checked they had about 28 mil subs. You might think that "everyone" watches HBO however that perception is not supported by reality (numbers). There is a limit to the number of folks that will listen to pay radio. Allow me to be bold and suggest that the higher end of their potential number is the same as HBO's present reach...28 million. This would compare to broadcast radio's reach of about 200 million plus.