Monday, August 21, 2006

"Who's going to pay Garry?" Steve Dahl

Last Friday CBS Radio's Steve Dahl held a clinic on good radio. Live, local, engaging.

Broadcasting on location from Chicago's Oak Street Beach during rehearsals for the annual Air & Water Show, Steve stage managed an ensemble of talent, musicians, show guests, press, listeners, sponsors, producer staff, and station management all the while hosting an impromptu historic reunion with former sidekick Garry Meier.

No surprise the broadcast was the media story of the weekend. Congrats and kudos to Garry (great to hear Cliff again). Bravos to Steve, brilliant!

Visit Steve on the web here, check out pics from the Friday show here, audio of the show, via MP3, here CBS Radio's FreeFM initiative, often the target of negative chatter (to paraphrase Christopher Hitchens "they have miles to go before they achieve mediocrity"), deserves high praise in this case; Drew Hayes and CBS are doing exactly the right thing in supporting Steve Dahl. Steve's work is simply exemplary.

FreeFM colleague and NBC5 star Bob Sirott devotes his "One more thing" package to Steve & Garry and wraps with the line "could somebody please work on getting Dick Biondi back on the air." Well said Bob!

CBS Radio gets it 2: seeks a senior web producer. The job description says it all here.

CBS Radio gets it 3: R&R's Paul Heine interviews Kevin Weatherly, Kevin says...

“The other thing is, a lot of people outside of L.A. think [the station’s success] is an aberration: ‘It’s Southern California, it’s K-Roq.’ But it doesn’t happen by accident. The common thing we all share is everyone is extremely passionate and really cares about K-Roq and what we do. The bar is set really high. We never stop, we probably don’t stop enough to enjoy what we do ‘cause we’re always looking for the next thing. We’re never satisfied. We’re always trying to challenge ourselves and keep this thing going-to make sure it really stays as special and, you know, continues to be a part of the Southern California landscape.” Read the interview here
Congrats and cheers to Paul - well done!

Google CEO wants $74 billion TV ad market by ZDNet's Donna Bogatin -- Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes television viewers should not have to stand for tv commercials that are “a waste of your time.” What does he plan to do about it?

Why Katie Couric will be a brilliant failure...Jon Friedman opines on the fate of the new CBS Evening News show, yet unseen, over at MarketWatch. My money remains on Les, Sean and Katie. Jon misses the point - setting the standard for success as taking first away from NBC's Nightly. Nonsense, it's not an all or nothing game Jon, you know better. Closing the gap on second and then taking second would be a very significant victory. Moreover, it's not only possible but probable. Read Friedman's piece here