Friday, August 11, 2006

"What if we started to try new things, even in small doses, just to see how they might work? Or allowed ourselves to veer from the expected, rejecting the 'that's the way we always do it' argument just once?" Lisa Seward

From Lisa's writing "Summer-ize Your Thoughts" in MediaPost's Media (Aug 06). The rock star media director of Fallon, Minneapolis goes on to imagine some "pretty cool stuff"...

1. Maybe we'd see targets defined by something more meaningful than demographics.
2. Maybe we'd all accept that the best media idea doesn't always fit neatly on a flowchart.
3. Maybe more media people would become creative problem solvers instead of "ad placers."
4. Maybe we'd drop our fixation on finding "the" answer and finally replace black-box tools with genuinely inspired thinking.

Maybe we can all learn something from Lisa. Bravo Lisa, well done!

Years ago, I was asked to give a talk at an AWRT lunch. My topic was "The Three M Approach to Marketing - Message, Media and Moment". It seemed to me that most creative folks were focused on message and media but had not thought about "the moment" when the message is delivered. For decades now we have suggested that clients roadblock radio after fireworks, major sporting and concert events. The "late night" or weekend avails are always there, the price totally sweet, and judging from years of next day recall research, the LOI is simply exceptional. When you get the message and media right it's all about the moment.

CBS Radio looking for a person that will be dedicated to working with station teams on all PPM issues. Trained by Arbitron, working for CBS. Smart, very smart.

Niall Kennedy is leaving Microsoft, the dude has skills. Next stop? His own startup. Cheers Niall and all the best!