Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Too many publishers think of newspapermen, including their own editors, as hopeless romantics, committed to the myth of the fearless journalist. They are actually right. But they should trust that myth. Upon that myth, they can build great newspapers that will also be healthy businesses. Newspapers need men and women with fire in the belly, not a collection of bloodless bureaucrats, content to clerk the news. Trust is the heart of the matter. Publishers must trust their editors. Editors must trust their reporters. All must trust the intelligence and good sense of their readers." Pete Hamill

Finalists in the 2006 Online Journalism Awards (ONA) have been announced. Congrats and cheers to MSNBC, CNN, BET, BBC, ESPN, NOVA, CNET, WTHR Eyewitness News and all of the finalists. Complete list here

Doing the right thing, right: Kudos to our friends the Hubbards of Minnesota, one of the first families of wireless. Teaming up with Harvey and Bob Weinstein the Hubbards are buying the Ovation cable network. Their notion is "the arts are a wide-open field" and, of course, they're right. Coverage via The LA Times is here

The distinctive smell of stunt; McGuffin or game-changing innovation? The Emmis Chicago gang bows the new Q101 breakfast show on 9/18, is this pure coincidence? The domain, whatswronginchicago, registered by Emmis on August 9. You decide here