Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cartoon credit: Hugh MacLeod

"People will always, always be in the market for a story that resonates with them. Your product will either have this quality or it won’t. If your product fails this test, quit your job and go find something else. Just making the product incrementally cheaper or better won’t help you." Hugh MacLeod

From Hugh's Random thoughts on being an entrepreneur, #16. Here's another: In a world of over-supply and commodification, you are no longer paid to supply. You’re being paid to deliver something else. What that is exactly, is not always obvious. Bravo Hugh! Well done. Read the entire list here.

Congrats & Cheers: John Martin named Vice President of Advertising at Sun-Times Media Group. Exactly the right person those dead tree guys need to involve. (Thanks to Robert Feder for the tip).

Tom Teuber made several excellent points over our lunch at The Avenue Bar earlier this week. Here's one: What your station does online must be as consistently great as what you do on your main channel, this applies to every platform where your content finds a home. It's not enough to occasionally do it right and it's every bit as important as your main channel, perhaps even more important because it's your future. Fred Jacobs makes a similar point about your streaming platform and he's spot-on, time to do the right thing and make online a real and serious priority. Read Fred's post here.

Creating For Multiplatform World: Rafat Ali led the very popular NATPE panel discussion. Details, including streaming audio of the one-hour panel here. Bravo Rafat! Good job.

David Weinberger shares all the cool new projects he learned about at Sunlight/Berkman here, Ethan Zuckerman offers up his take here. Thanks to David and Ethan.

Good night and good luck: Keith Hahn says goodbye to his JP Morgan colleagues as he joins DealBreaker. Read Keith's parting email, while it lasts, here. Congrats Keith and good luck!

What you see is what you get: Google getting into digital out-of-home media? Very cool. Ryan Naraine over at ClickZ has the story here. Google's ad initiative is everywhere you'd wanna be.

Press The Meet: Ana Marie Cox, DC editor for Time, teaming up with ex-AA host Marc Maron to do The Gaggle, an HBO product. More from Radar here.

Hometown heroes go to Washington: The Onion hooks up with WaPo and rolls into their 10th metro. The beloved Onion gang will have their dead tree stuff printed and distributed in DC by WaPo who will also sell local ads. Congrats and kudos to all involved, especially Christopher Ma. Smart, very smart. Details thanks to WaPo's Frank Ahrens here

Art Buchwald has passed. "I just don't want to die the same day Castro dies." More from WaPo here

You did send your check to the Allan Stagg Kids Fund, didn't you? Please do. Details in the post below. Again, thank you.