Friday, January 12, 2007

Photo credit: Ron Fell

"Promises, schedules and estimates are important instruments in a well-run business.

You must make promises - don't lean on the often-used phrase: 'I can't estimate it because it depends on many uncertain factors.'"

William Swanson

Swanson's Unwritten Rules of Management: unwritten rule number seventeen...

"Do you wan to be known as someone who offers excuses, reasons or results? I will take results any day.

Be fact-based. We all need to be disciplined and accountable in the way we perform. Our customers respect us more when we establish metrics for various milestones so that actual performance can be tracked, evaluated, and, if need be, improved. The metrics will help us stay on track."

CBS Googled: Joe Mandese writing over at Media Daily News has the latest, CBS/Google: Analyst Say Radio Ad Deal Is Imminent, Has Sticking Points here. Rafat has the story here. When the deal is done the suggestion is it will be radio and YouTube specific, no television, about $200 mil to radio. Perspective: Howard brought in about $100 mil.

Turn your PC into a radio station: Interesting story from the BBC World Service here

Congrats & Cheers: Jerry Lee's WBEB delivers an 8, tops Philly numbers. It's not that an indie can't compete with the big guys, clearly it's the big guys who can't compete with an indie. Bravo Jerry!

Almost the whole ball game: Footnote to yesterday's post on Steve Dahl. Steve's weekday audience represents almost 70% of the total weekly 25-54 male cume. Amazing.

Make that 114 number ones in a row: Bravo to Mickey Luckoff, Jack Swanson & crew! #1 in the bay area again. Congrats too - Chuck Tweedle's KOIT team takes second.

2006 Chicago radio revs: Kudos to Tom Langmeyer, WGN is again Chicago's #1 biller, $48.4 mil. WBBM-AM $45.9 mil. WTMX $34.3 mil. WGCI $28.6 mil. WUSN $28.4 mil. WLIT $24.5 mil. WVAZ $23.8 mil. WOJO $23.5 mil. WXRT $22.9 mil. WBBM-FM $21.1 mil. WSCR $20.8 mil. WLS $20 mil. WDRV $19.5 mil. WLEY $18.2 mil. WLUP $15.2 mil.