Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"I love hearing from my listeners" Allan Stagg

Allan Stagg has passed away. He died last night after being hospitalized with pneumonia. Allan was living in Battle Creek, working as the PD and morning personality on Rock 104.9 WWKN. He had recently returned to his native Michigan after a storied career in Detroit, Colorado, Portland and Chicago. We've lost a great artiste.

In a world of forgettable disc jockeys and bland announcers with nondescript voices Allan was different, very different, he was a true performer. One of the last of a generation of modern day voice actors, Allan was a real player, a theater of the mind artisan. Allan brought the fresh air, starting with his rich unforgettable warm voice, he was a star, the real deal. A gifted original, a bigger-than-life personality, Allan Stagg was the goods; he never did a shift, preferring, always, to stage a show. The affable, indefatigable, inimitable showman. His exceptional sense of humor and quick wit were alive, present in each moment. Allan's tour de force was his high concept program Sanctuary - radio performed as theatrical art, a mashup homage to FM radio's "underground" era. A deft storyteller, Allan was engaging, arresting, interesting, memorable and always entertaining.

He was a kind and gracious gentleman. He loved being on the air and he loved his wife and children. Allan is survived by his wife Cathy and his five sons.

You may listen to some of Allan's work, via a collection of demos here. Read the AP story via CBS 2 Chicago here. Fred Jacobs blogs about Allan here. Chicago Ed Schwartz writes about Allan here. Larz writing over at the Chicagoland Radio & Media board puts up his Allan tribute here. Scott Smith blogs about Allan over at Chicagoist here. Battle Creek Enquirer obit here. Chicago Tribune obit by Trevor Jensen here (free sub). Allan is remembered in Oregon on the Portland Radio Message board here. Chicago's CMS (chief media scribe) Robert Feder closes his column with comments on Allan here. I am blessed that Allan was my long-time friend, honored to have worked for him and to have served in his entourage. I miss this great talent, this remarkable, uncommon good man.

UPDATE: Fund established for Allan's children. Cathy has set up a fund to assist in the education of Allan's five sons. Please do send what you can, any amount will help to make a difference in the lives of these children. Thank you.

Allan Stagg Kids Fund
c/o Marshall Community Credit Union
839 West Green Street
Marshall, MI 49068


NuttinButDaTruth said...

I am so sorry to hear this. I was a dedicated "Sanctuary" fan here in Chicago and had always hoped to have Allan return to the air here. I'd spoken and emailed with him several times over the years and he was funny and cordial, always.

My condolences to his family. What a loss of a great guy.

Anonymous said...

I've been a fan of Allan for the longest time and I was known to walk around like a zombie all day after listening to his all night show on WDRV via the net.

Allan truly was an artist creating images in my head with his voice, music and effects. I've only heard two people in my life paint audio so well...Ken Nordine - and Allan Stagg.

I finally began to exchange email with Allan after he moved to Michigan - and as you wrote - he truly was kind and gracious.

Allan - you will be missed. Peace.

-dan kelley
lansing, mi

Anonymous said...

I first told Allan that Sanctuary sounded like a cross between Venus Flytrap (WKRP in Cincinnatti) and Wolfman Jack in American Graffitti.

He thought I stole some of his 'meds' LMAO

RIP my good friend...

Happy Chemtrails to you, until we meet again...

Painkiller Ray


Unknown said...

I worked with Allan on a video game. He was the voice of 'Deuce', a 7 foot biker who carried a big ax in the game Hunter the Reckoning.

Allan was terrific to work with. The character he read for was grouchy and gruff. Allan was great at gruff with his huge voice. Grouchy was tougher for Allan, but he found the character and nailed it. Allan returned to voice 'Deuce' for two more titles. I always looked forward to his session.

Allan will be missed. My thoughts go out to his close friends and family.

Anonymous said...

From Burbank Kim: Allan was a truly gifted being - his talents were immeasurable and he was eons ahead of his time. He and I got to be friends when he was on "Sanctuary" and we stayed friends for over 7 years, talking on the phone whenever he was on the air. I lost touch with his about a year and some change ago, I only found out a couple of days ago that he had passed. I am truly brokenhearted to lose such a sweet, kind, devilish friend. My heart goes out to Cathy and the boys. I met Luc once, long ago. My thoughts and prayers to Cathy and the boys. Remember,he's up there somewhere enjoying the hell out of himself and looking down at his family and friends with love.

Anonymous said...

I am so sad to hear of his passing. There was no other like him out there. I will miss you allan. If anyone has his mp3's or audio please send them to me at letsgetthemhome@aol.com I lost all of them & would love them for a keepsake, he was the greatest!