Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"Steve can make the internal combustion engine appear to be something new and cool. He will provide a certain magic even to the 30-year-old cell phone." Reed E. Hundt

Hundt, the former FCC commissioner, quoted in the John Markoff NYT's article, Apple Introduces Innovative Cellphone here.

Steve, perhaps the best student of marketing guru Regis McKenna, has delivered another masterful performance with his introduction of the iPhone. We'll have to wait until June to find out whether the device works as advertised. Meanwhile, self-described "Machead" Steve Safran advises us to wait for a better iPhone, Steve's post with comments here. Steve makes a very good point, Apple does treat first-buyers poorly.

Congrats & Cheers: Tom Teuber did a simply outstanding job as one of yesterday's guest djs on WSUM, Madison student radio station. The day was well hosted by UWM alum Bruce Ravid. Other radio folks joining Ravid included Jonathan Little, Rick Murphy and, by phone, Dave Benson. Great music, fun stories, good radio. Rick mentioned the legendary record promoter Paul Gallis at one point in the proceedings. Thanks to WSUM station manager Dave Black for green lighting the event. Bonus: check out Ravid's music site Rave's Raves here.

And the winner is: The fall book is out in the city and Jim Ryan is, again, the biggest winner. #1 overall, 3rd in morning drive, 1st in afternoon drive, 1st 25-54, tied for 6th 18-34. Other winners include Z100, WSKQ, Amor, and WBLS. CBS showed 1 for 3 with their FMs. Jack scored well 25-54; 12th place 25-54 combined with low operating costs should translate into a better than average bcf. The John Mainelli led FreeFM remains a work in progress, O&A were down. NEW's flip to Fresh makes the station's fall performance a non-issue. Just getting the details this morning. Congrats to the winners.