Monday, February 18, 2008

"He who never hurries is always on time." Mikhail Bulgakov

"Delay breeds danger." Cervantes

"Our business in this world is not to succeed, but to continue to fail, in good spirits." Robert Lewis Stevenson

Image: Xmas lights by janeau. Great shot. Thank you.

Terry Heaton
writes a blog that belongs in your reader. Caught up with it over the weekend, here are two quick takes...

"I believe the arts belong to everyone and that artists should be revered in culture. They are not, especially in a world run by anti-creative, left-brained bean counters. I’m not sure it’ll ever be any different, and for me personally, that’s okay. For no bean counter will ever experience the rush that is touching the unbroken web. That, my friends, is a form of currency more costly than gold."

Outstanding! Bravos, Terry. Read the entire post here.

Terry also shared data from the latest Borrell Associates study of local online ad revenues. Here's a comparative illustration of the data:

The dead tree guys are losing share as are directories and other print, the so-called pureplay folks are gaining dramatically, broadcast showing relative modest growth from 3.0% to 11.6%; Terry writes "It’s not television versus newspapers; it’s traditional media against new...So media companies will continue to fight for a decreasing share of the local web advertising pie, while pureplays will continue to grow. This is just one of the reasons why we see opportunity increasingly as outside the media brand’s reach/frequency strategy." Spot-on! Read his entire post here.

Wayback machine: Another winter storm here caused me to do some early spring cleaning. Lucky enough to find a copy of Duncan's American Radio from Fall 1977. Here's a look at the Chicago Arbitron, Metro AQH pers. The winning team at WLS included John Gehron and Jim Smith. USA rankings are from tables listing the top fifty stations in the nation by demo. Thanks to James Duncan, Jr.

WLS 225 (#4 in the USA)
WMET 186 (#5 in the USA)
WVON 86 (#26 in the USA)
WDAI 68 (#36 in the USA)
WKQX 68 (#36 in the USA)
WBMX 65 (#40 in the USA)

WLS 454 (#4 in the USA)
WFYR 301 (#10 in the USA)
WLUP 194 (#24 in the USA)
WBMX 183 (#28 in the USA)
WMET 161 (#36 in the USA)
WBBM-FM 160 (#40 in the USA)
WKQX 156 (#45 in the USA)

WLS 551 (#4 in the USA)
WGN 401 (#11 in the USA)
WFYR 318 (#28 in the USA)
WBBM 298 (#30 in the USA)
WLOO 296 (#32 in the USA)
WLAK 278 (#34 in the USA)
WMAQ 268 (#36 in the USA)

The top twenty 18-34 stations in the nation...
WBLS 1083
WABC 717
WPLJ 508
WLS 454
WNBC 382
WKTU 338
KNX-FM 315
WFYR 301
WXLO 287
KRTH 283
KLOS 283
KMET 258
WPIX 252
WWWW 232
WRIF 232
WJIT 218
WNIC 217
WYNY 213

Bonus: We Feel Fine

California red: Cartlidge & Browne, 2006 Pinot Noir. Highly recommended. A simply wonderful red for under $15.