Friday, February 08, 2008

"Youth is a defect that corrects itself with time." Enrique Jardiel Poncela

"Knowledge may have its purposes, but guessing is always more fun than knowing." W.H. Auden

"There is a crack in everything. It's how the light gets in." Leonard Cohen

Today's image: Time for bath by Robbi. Fun shot. Thank you.

Dave Winer: "...if Bill can be the first black president, then Barack can be the first woman president."

You are your unsold avail

How broadcasters (and MSOs) are using their unsold avails provides valuable insight.

Locally, one of the network affiliates has been filling unsold avails with news promos and one recruitment ad seeking a seller. The cable operator is filling with ppv, triple play promos and one generic recruitment ad.

Can these avails be put to better, more effective use?

No doubt.

All that is required is imagination and a sensitivity to being of service locally.

One obvious example from this week's local news - our community is close to a serious shortage of blood, donations being off due to the recent bad weather.

Broadcast and cable should rush to the rescue.

Every station, every MSO has unsold avails this quarter.

How you put unsold avails to work says everything about who you are.

Stop running those tired promos.

Start creating and running local messages that help to make a real difference in your community. Localize the unsold avails. Local, local, local.

Bonus: The seven elements of the Tom Peters' (UK), talent-centric business transformation model here.

Congrats & cheers: Danno Wolkoff honored with the 2008 Rockwell Award. Well deserved! Terry Mackin, one very sharp second-generation broadcaster, joins Univision to head their TV station group.