Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Talking is searching, writing is finding." Koos Van Zomeren

"The minority is always right." Henrik Ibsen

"The only form of fiction in which real characters do not seem out of place is history." Oscar Wilde

Image: Follow The Yellow Brick Road by boopsie daisy. Wonderful. Thank you.

It's not about radio, it's about audio: Excellent point made by my friend Kurt Hanson with respect to the recent news that "radio" listening is down (PUR)...

"In any case,
“radio” actually, in the real world, to consumers, includes cable radio (e.g., Music Choice), satellite radio (XM and Sirius), and Internet radio (both streams of AM/FM stations and Internet-only stations).

Available data suggests that those forms of radio have acquired millions of AQH persons listeners during the same period — currently, perhaps 2,000,000 for Internet radio, over 1,000,000 for satellite radio, and I’d guess over 500,000 for cable radio. That’s almost certainly more listeners gained than the 2,600,000 that AM/FM apparently lost."

Spot-on! Bravos, Kurt! Read Kurt's post here.

Bonus: How to Market in a Recession by John Quelch via HBR here.