Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"To understand a new idea break an old habit." Jean Toomer

"Genius always consists of conceiving of the self-evident." Hermann Bahr

"Only entropy comes easy." Anton Chekhov

Image: shiny day, today by MartaRu. Great shot. Thanks for sharing.

Tony Quin has written a thoughtful piece offered up in the Feb issue of OMMA...

"So we find ourselves at one of those classic inflection points, where smart, nimble organizations can leapfrog their competition. The only barrier now is the executive will to take action. Whereas the disconnected nature of media in the last century separated sales, marketing and IT, the realities of 21st-century media must bring them together. It has to start within an organization. And with the digital channel acting as the touch point for almost every critical step in the sales process, it's time to unify not only the departments but also the tactics to create a customer-centric strategy that adapts to market conditions in close to real-time. Anything less will open the door to a faster, smarter, more flexible competitor."

Kudos, Tony. Well said.

Bonus: BuzzFeed (Hint: how many widgets do you now, today, have on offer? Are they really cool, totally amazing? What's your take rate? EXPORT!)

Dave Winer sez..."
Losing teaches you that there's more to life than winning, and that's the best lesson possible and it's the one lesson you keep needing to learn over and over until you lose everything, which like it or not is what we all do in the end."


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: Legendary radio programming ace, the uber-cool Jhani Kaye signs again, stays with CBS.