Thursday, February 01, 2007

Photo: dawn perry
Avenue of Trees in Snow
Thank you, fine shot. Winter has arrived in Madison. Snow and single digit temps.

"We are all suffering from a major disability, none of us are twelve years old." Peter Hirshberg

"You can reach the right people but if you don't say the right thing to create the connection to that person there's nothing there." Steven Yee

Today's quotations from my notes on the AlwaysOn Media session Surviving the media disruption. More from Peter Hirshberg: "People trusts people like them...What can a brand do to stimulate people to want to believe and to share and talk about it...this is more like a political campaign...we've gone from creating awareness to building relationships and meaning...If Web 1.0 was about pages, Web 2.0 is about people...we need to go back to school." Excellent points Peter. Bravo! Peter also announced the cool new feature @ Technorati, Where's the Fire? What's Hot and Why. Check it out here.

Congrats & Cheers: Michael Yavonditte and his team on Quigo being named company of the show at AO Media. Accepting the award Michael said his New York based firm was just "blocking and tackling" and his pov is "opportunities seem boundless." How totally refreshing to hear a CEO excited about the future of marketing and advertising, focused on the fundamentals. Quigo is a company to watch. Reed Bunzel has joined Ed Seeger's American Media Services, Reed will serve as prexy of Ed's new interactive venture. Ed and Reed are in the right place at the right time. Brent Alberts named Director of Operations and Programming for Citadel's midwest region.

Charming & Delightful: Our beloved Uncle Lar, the one, the only Superjock, has started blogging...

"Nothing new with me...just hangin' out...golfin' a few balls...awaiting my next ill-fated comeback. The last two haven't gone well. Who knew that "Jammin" Oldies format on WUBT would have such a short shelf life? And that R-R-R-Real Oldies 1690 thing! What the hell was that?"

"If you don't get Animal Stories CDs as a gift, it means you're not really're just being used!"

Bravo Uncle Lar, welcome to the conversation. Check out the Larry Lujack site here, where you may also affirm the veracity of your love with the purchase and repeated gifting of Animal Stories CDs. Thanks to Robert Feder for the tip.

Bonus: The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs. Read post, print post, burn printed post. Bravo! Well done. Check it out while it lasts here.

Bonus 2: Two more Blogs of Note via Blogger: ts0 (a Liverpool gent launching his own shop) and Varieties of Unreligious Experience (Conrad H. Roth blogging on, uh, language).