Thursday, February 08, 2007

Photo: terrace closed for winter
by IHP

Love that shot, thank you!

Ron Fell's Queen Mary 2 adventure, the sail to Sydney, continues, read his "Day Two" post here.

Never did I believe that Ron would fail to exchange his adult beverages for Coca Cola product; No contest - Ron is blessed with the social skills of a world-class diplomat - the ocean liner's staff never had a chance.

Timing issue: "...there's no question that a Fox Business Channel is coming" That's the word from Georg Szalai and Paul J. Gough writing in The Hollywood Reporter. Best guess is a Q4 debut. The story via Reuters here. (Thanks to Romenesko for the tip)

A Great Program Director: Not a week goes by without someone contacting me about the Great PD monograph. Usually folks are wanting a copy to replace an older or misplaced one. Sometimes they have seen a copy and want one of their own. My friend, the media research maven, Roger Wimmer has the text posted at his site here. I have decided to do two new printings of the monograph. One 8.5 x 11 similar to the ones printed earlier and another poster size printing, perhaps numbered, framed and signed with a dedication. My thought is the poster size prints would be available for sale with proceeds benefiting a good cause or two. Should you want a free 8.5 x 11 print just use the contact me feature in the left column of this page and provide me with your mailing address. Printing and mailing sometime in March. (My thanks to the CBS manager who suggested a new printing).