Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"The difference between failure and success is doing a thing nearly right and doing it exactly right." Edward C. Simmons

"One cool judgment is worth a thousand hasty counsels." Woodrow Wilson

"Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest." Mark Twain

Dan Kennedy
has written a fine article on Dan Gillmor...

"His vision, simply put, is that the 'former audience' knows more than professional journalists, and that technology, properly applied, can enable citizens both to engage with journalists in ways that improve journalism and also to be journalists themselves. At a moment when the mainstream media are being challenged by shrinking numbers of customers and plummeting advertising revenues, Gillmor holds out the hope that journalism’s role in a democratic, self-governing society can be preserved, even revitalized."

Bravo Dan, well done! Read the entire piece here

John Milan has a fine writing on where we are and where we're headed...

"The key for success will be how easily data can be identified, distributed and synchronized. Soon enough it will be immaterial where your event or task originated. Instead, what will matter is that your data being everywhere and in sync."

Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and Adobe make his roll call. Read his writing via Read/Write Web here. Interesting read.

Like Pandora? You may just love I like them both for different reasons. relaunched their site yesterday and it's now better than ever. Get the quick sketch on what's new here. Thanks to Richard MacManus at Read/Write Web

Terry Wood out in Memphis? Say it ain't so. Should it be true let me make a suggestion - Terry would be a great addition to the new Google audio team.

Barry J. O'Brien joins the Bayliss Foundation team. Congrats and cheers to Barry and to the Bayliss folks. Barry is the perfect person to lead all of the advertising and sponsorship sales. FYI - save the date: March 22 - Bayliss Radio Roast - dishonoring Joel Hollander.

Chris Corcoran, the young turk and rising star at Dial Global Programming sends along news the network will offer Whitney Allen's The Big Time in a new weeknight strip M-F, 7p-M. Her successful Big Time Saturday Night Show will continue. Smart move, congrats and cheers to Chris, Kirk and the DGP team. Reminds me...something Mark Masters once shared "use your weekends for R&D; not only do you develop your future weekday properties, you also turn previously unused inventory into productive assets." My sense is every hour should pay for itself, that is, the net revenue generated should always exceed the gross costs of creating the inventory.

October Nielsen's for cable are in and the winners are...

  1. O'Reilly 1,609,000 HH/454,000 25-54
  2. Hannity & Colmes 1,161,000 HH/424,000 25-54
  3. The Fox Rpt w/Shep 1,046,000 HH/360,000 25-54
  4. Special Rpt w/Brit Hume 1,017,000 HH/341,000 25-54
  5. On the Record w/Greta 933,000 HH/365,000 25-54
Larry King brings in the #1 CNN show - 853,000 HH/282,000 25-54. 14 of the top 20 shows are on Fox. Other non-Fox in the top 20 include Lou Dobbs, Situation Room, Anderson Cooper 360, and Paula Zahn Now (all CNN) and at #19 Countdown w/Olbermann the #1 MSNBC show.