Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Perhaps we're at a point where art and science and programming diverge. Science (often) aims at finding the simplicity behind the apparent complexity of the universe. Engineering usually aims at efficient solutions, excluding the extraneous which introduces cost and more paths to failure. Art doesn't always aim at simplicity. It just as frequently tries to expose the complexity of what looked simple." David Weinberger

Bravos to Dave Weinberger. Today's quotation taken from his post about Paul Graham. Paul is an entrepreneur, software maven, writer and painter. Check out Dave's interview (video) of Paul here. Read Paul's essay "Taste for Makers" here. From Paul's essay...

  • Good design is simple
  • Good design is timeless
  • Good design solves the right problem
  • Good design is suggestive
  • Good design is often slightly funny
  • Good design is hard
  • Good design looks easy
  • Good design uses symmetry
  • Good design resembles nature
  • Good design is redesign
  • Good design can copy
  • Good design is often strange
  • Good design happens in chunks
  • Good design is often daring

Catherine Johns, Fred Winston, Gary Lee, Kipper McGee, Dick Rakovan and Chicken Vesuvio - lunch yesterday at Harry Caray's. The bone-in Chicken Vesuvio was the best, the conversation and company without equal.

"All Markets Are Up For Grabs. It's no longer possible to control the conversation. While incumbents spend their time trying to cling to that belief, you have the opportunity to step in, reframe the discussion and win a new argument." So writes John Dobbs in his "Marketing 2.0 Minifesto", check out Make Marketing History: The J Train here. (Thanks to Robert for the tip)

Anne Becker interviews CBS rock star Quincy Smith here. (Thanks to Cory @ LR for the pointer).