Monday, November 06, 2006

"Vloggies really was an incredible show, so many interesting people there and a great vibe" Robert Scoble

Congrats to all the winners. The big winner was Alive In Baghdad. Josh Wolf won but was not able to accept, he's in jail for refusing to provide a grand jury with some video he shot.

Robert Scoble has up a complete list of the winners here and, the people's choice winners here ("Favorite" winner is one of my favs Ask A Ninja - cheers to Kent and Douglas). Thanks Robert. Scott Beale/Laughing Squid unofficial photog of the evening has a bunch of pics up here.

Congrats to our pal Bruce DuMont and all of those honored: Last Saturday night the Class of 2006 stepped up at the National Radio Hall of Fame.

A family obligation kept us away from both the Vloggies and the RHoF. However, I did catch some of the RHoF on the radio (WGN & WLS). Scott Shannon, Rick Dees and Jim Bohannon each sounded great. Ever the class act, accepting the honor Scott gave credit to Robert W, The Real Don and the master himself Bill Drake. Way to go Scott! The audio was good except...Jim's announcing work sounded like it was taken from a room mic rather than directly from Jim's mic. My sense is someone must have thought taking Jim's booth work off a room mic made "the broadcast" sound more theatrical or something. No, just goofy and hollow sounding.

Dick Biondi is back on the radio starting tonight at 9 central. Gather the kids and listen online here. Break a leg Dick.

Claude Hall offers up more of his back story on Metromedia, this week he writes about Rosko, Bill Drake, WOR-FM and WNEW-FM here. Bravo Claude, another well written item.

Speaking of great talent. Is Dick Biondi the LAST of the FIRST? We were talking about this last week. Dick has been doing Rock n Roll radio since the early 1950s and is still on the air full-time. What other performers were both a part of Rock n Roll radio's FIRST class of djs and are now still on the air full-time? Fred Winston and Kipper McGee agree with me...perhaps Dick is the LAST of the FIRST. Your comments on this are most welcome - please. Do you know of any others?

Google gets: NYT, WaPo, Tribune, Gannett and Hearst agree to do test program with Google selling space for the dead tree gang. Congrats to all involved, especially to Tom Phillips and his team at Google. More via NYT here (thanks to Romenesko for the tip)

400 year death spiral continues: Jessica Ramirez writes all about the smart people who might just be betting that dead tree stuff is still a good business. Read Why Would Anyone Buy A Newspaper? via MSNBC/Newsweek here. Good job Jessica!

Borat, this morning on Today, asking Matt Lauer to recommend a prostitute - priceless. If you have not yet seen the movie you must. "Most funny" movie of the year. Highly recommended.

Bonus: Carol Gillot is an artist who lives in the city. Her "twin passions" are Paris and watercolors. Check out her very cool blog here

Make something amazing happen this week.