Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Who is the customer?" is the first and the crucial question in defining business purpose and business mission. It is not an easy, let alone an obvious question. How it is being answered determines, in large measure, how the business defines itself. The consumer - that is, the ultimate user of a product or a service - is always a customer. Peter Drucker

Image credit: Hugh MacLeod, the Brit that draws cartoons on the back of business cards. Today's image is the back of my card. Get yours here.

Reading the David Nasaw biography on Andrew Carnegie - interesting. Amazon info here.

"The first 10 years of this industry have been amazing, but the next 20 are going to be insane" Jason Calacanis from his post "The real story of Web 2.0: Advertising 2.0" Bravo Jason, spot-on.

Amanda Congdon, the first web video star, signs with ABC News, gets a development deal with HBO and will continue her own vids. Congrats and cheers! Amanda's announcement here