Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Image at left courtesy of ZDNet. See final item in this post for news on Google Radio.

"What this means for Yahoo and those daily newspapers struggling to survive and compete with Craigslist is that competing won't work. This is a war that can't be won, no matter how much money Google or Yahoo or Microsoft or eBay has. And those daily newspapers with their reporting staffs and international bureaus? In the long run and absent a successful new business model, they are doomed, because it comes down to location, location, location, and for that Craigslist can't be beat." Robert X. Cringely

Above taken from an interesting post about what's happening in the 400 year death spiral of the dead tree gang. Read Robert's entire post here. Well written. Good use of analogy - self-storage is to residential real estate what classifieds are to display space.

Who is the Media Person of the Year? Murdock? Freston? Zucker? Couric? Hurley? Open voting until Dec 1 via IWM, get your vote on here

TV Week covers the Ed Bradley service here. Marianne Paskowski remembers Higgins with comments here

Doc has written a fine piece over at Linux Journal...

"I realized instantly that the Net is not just about TCP or Neutrality or peer-to-peer or end-to-end or anything other than connecting digital devices across distances. It's about reducing those distances to zero-or as close to zero as possible. "The Internet is just a path", Bob Frankston says. And carriers, so far, have existed to create "billing events" in the middle of that path." Read Linux for Suites - Breaking the Matrix here. (Closed circuit to Doc: You made mention of Google and their, perhaps, lack of resource dedication to Blogger in an earlier blog post. FYI - they are rolling out a fresh new version of Blogger now - not using it yet but will make the jump and report later.)

Borat and the music business? Sure, why not! Read all about it in the Lefsetz Letter here

The best defense is always a strong offense: Mark Cuban bitch slaps Business Week here

Pigs on the runway - pay radio: Mel continues to make noise about a dog star merger with xm, he needs to do something - my sense remains pay radio is a one or none biz.

Rick Shaw retiring? Say it ain't so! A legendary talent and a fine programmer as well. Learned a bunch of stuff from Rick during my RKO days. A class act! Cheers Rick! Meanwhile uber-cool PD Bob Hamilton is now searching for a morning show for his Miami station - gotta be one of the best gigs in the business. Hammy is the goods.

Talk about class acts and smart folks: My thanks to Jaye Albright and Mike O'Malley, they honored this humble writer with an invitation to participate during their client conference call today. My rant was about a favorite subject matter A Great Program Director

Bonus: The real deal on Google Radio...

Google Audio's Current Footprint

800+ stations signed en route to 5,000+
87% US coverage
Coverage in 19 of the top 25 markets
300 million impressions weekly and Growing

One of the Google graphics indicates "Signed 863 / Live 686"

Check out the Google pitch pages here. My thanks to Donna Bogatin at ZDNet who continues to be on top of all things Google Audio. Cheers too to the Google team.