Thursday, November 02, 2006

"I'm not looking forward to getting fired for the 25th time." Dick Biondi

Radio legend Dick Biondi signs today with ABC to do nights on WZZN-FM 94.7 in Chicago. Congrats and cheers to Dick and to ABC. Robert Feder has done his usual excellent job of covering the story here.

Congrats too to Scott Shannon, another ABC Radio star (and brilliant programmer), who will be inducted this weekend in the Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago.

On the road today, back tomorrow.
(FD: Dick Biondi is a client of my employer, I am honored to work for the gentleman)


Cara Carriveau said...

Great news about Biondi! Isn't it amazing...WZZN has hired two of the legends I mentioned Chicago listeners missing in my letter to Feder a month ago. I couldn't be any happier for Landecker & Biondi...and of course, their fans!

Anonymous said...

After months of news about layoffs and Oldies stations turning into iPods its refreshing to see that a unique, entertaining personality can still find a radio home. Biondi was the first jock to talk to ME through that transistor radio all those years ago. It's encouraging to know that he'll still be able to speak to (and entertain!) thousands of his fans.

Tom Teuber
Madison, WI